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If you're looking for some high-integrity ET/UFO/Contactee/Experiencer information, personal services and products, keep going! 

In my personal experience, the matrix of life, consciousness and energy extends into the cosmos, throughout all time and space, and beyond ... into all that is.  To create a harmonious cosmos, those of us on planet Earth play an important part. What happens here doesn't stay here!

Your Cosmic Shaman is devoted to a harmonious cosmos.  In 1984 I was unexpectedly taken out of body into the solar system and shown the inter-relationship between Earth and the other planets in our system. It was made clear to me that imbalance on Earth impacts our solar system, and the same principle extends into the cosmos.

Consciousness is key. It is hardwired into the matrix of everything. My dedication and passion for truth and getting to the root of things impels me to explore the diverse terrain of consciousness and what impacts it. I delight in finding ways to transform, expand and raise consciousness. My years of shamanic exploration have taken me into the quantum realm, into the cosmos, and in between ... always returning to 3D Earth reality with a beneficial cargo of consciousness and tools for transformation.

Progress and expansion come from an open-minded willingness to explore the unknown--at every level of our existence--including the extraordinarily diverse cosmic realm and its inhabitants. As a shamanic sleuth, it is my great delight to explore this territory, to share with you what I have found, and to help facilitate a shift in your consciousness toward greater well being and understanding. With an enlightened consciousness, you can create the kind of life and world that gives you the greater fulfillment, happiness and well being you truly desire ... which improves the harmony of the cosmos.

What is a Cosmic Shaman?
My shamanic travels to cosmic realms, non-terrestrial cultures and inhabitants, and into other dimensions are offered to you as a way to help you know more about what is "out there" and to raise your consciousness.

For example, in the shamanic journeys in my book, Decoding the Divine, chapters 9 and 10, I was taken far out in space to a craft the size of a small planet. Through my interactions with its diverse cosmic inhabitants, I was given a real-world model of individuality-within-oneness consciousness. If this model of unity consciousness was embodied on a massive scale on Earth, it would help us achieve the harmony, respect and wholeness needed by humanity.

In a professional capacity, I would be pleased to facilitate your well being and harmony, to empower your freedom to be who you truly are, and to help you be at peace and enjoy having a physical experience on Earth as a human being. To that end, I offer you my professional services.  After 30 years, I have many tools in my professional "toolbox" to facilitate the healing and transformation of your problem areas or other explorations. This includes offering shamanic Soul Retrievals for Abductees, Contactees and other Experiencers. 

Stepping into the power of your True Nature and creating a happier life and a better world benefits us all. 
Go for it!

"If you understand,
things are such as they are.

If you do not understand,
things are such as they are."

Gensha, Zen Master

Extraterrestrials -- Still in Doubt?
There is a growing desire for a better comprehension of UFO and extraterrestrial sightings and the meaning and influence upon us of such a reality. If you are still in doubt, I am offering you a small smattering of information from high-integrity people who affirm that extraterrestrials and interdimensional beings do in fact exist and interact with us on Earth. For an example, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, said in 2008, "I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real."

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Keep it Light
To those of us involved in ufology, the subjects of UFOs, ETs, spirituality and science are usually approached as serious matters. And they are; however, in addition to an inquiring mind, I suggest that you also keep a light heart and a ready smile. As a reminder to keep it light, a magnet on my refrigerator says: "Save the Earth; it's the only planet with chocolate."

Discover the Divine
Reminder: I have a separate website that I encourage you to visit. It's focus is on the playground of consciousness, spirituality and new science, encompassing the quantum, planet Earth, and Greater Existence.  On that website you will discover many products and much free information that supports, informs and uplifts you. Be sure to visit me at, look around and sign up for my newsletter there! 

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Generessa Rose

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